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Enter your clinical trial information along with inclusion/ exclusion criteria



Predictive analytics match your criteria with likely candidates within our network



Your trial is presented to network members likely to participate



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we integrate culture and technology

Community education and engagement

But how do we grow our community? Through our engagement and education platform, #NOWINCLUDED.

Through #NOWINCLUDED, we work with community organizations to educate their audiences on healthy living and the importance of participation in clinical trials. 

#NOWINCLUDED is the multigenerational healthcare movement that engages, educates, and empowers minority populations to take control of their health. 

#NOWINCLUDED is the secret to our success because it cultivates an audience of potential candidates that understand the importance of trial participation and have a stake in their own health and the health of those around them. 

Accesible data through

e-DICT makes finding participants that meet your strict sponsor requirements a breeze.

Our database of engaged potential participants is segmented and accessible via our software solution and user dashboard. The dashboard shows information on member demographics, medical history, geographic data, and engagement metrics for easy reporting. Through our HIPAA compliant software solution, recruiting minorities has never been easier. Powered by Salesforce Marketing cloud, e-DICT analyzes and segments potential participants for you to make the recruitment process as smooth as possible. 

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Academic Medical Centers

The NIH mandates the inclusion of minority groups in all NIH-funded clinical research so that findings can be generalizable to the entire population. As a result, all NIH-funded clinical research conducted by academic medical centers must address plans for the inclusion of minorities within their research plan or proposal. Acclinate helps academic medical centers ensure their NIH-funded clinical research plans and proposals are acceptable by their Scientific Review Group. Include Acclinate in your next NIH-funded clinical research plan/proposal.

CRO's & Clinical Trial Investigators

Clinical trial sponsors are placing increased pressure on CROs to diversity their trials. However, investigators and trial teams typically recruit participants from the same sites repeatedly, yielding the same results. Acclinate gives CROs and investigators a competitive advantage by cost-effectively sourcing diverse trial participants, ensuring reports meet sponsor requirements for trial diversity. Include Acclinate in your next clinical trial recruitment plan.

Clinical Trial Sponsors

The FDA’s recent guidance encourages sponsors to adopt enrollment practices that lead to clinical trials that better reflect the population most likely to use the drug, if approved. The guidance also recommends sponsors consider using innovative recruitment strategies to identify participants for whom a traditional referral center is not accessible. Influential groups are urging the FDA to mandate diversity in clinical trials for any drug to be approved. Acclinate helps clinical trial sponsors implement the FDA’s recent guidance and get ahead of possible future regulations. Include Acclinate in your next discussion with your clinical trial network.

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